What the hell have I gotten myself into…..

Little did I know, that being kicked out of a Facebook group would affect me the way it did. I  joined a vintage glass group for fun and to learn about the glass my Mother left me and to find like minded people who shared in my interest.  I was devastated that this little group, that started as a Yahoo group, but moved to Facebook after the Mod there frowned on fraternization of members, removed me. As it was in the Yahoo group, the Head Admin constantly admonished us for posting emoticons when someone posted something pretty, wishing someone a Happy Birthday, or anything that would show we were humans behind our computer screens.  That is, unless you were knowledgeable about vintage glass, or donated to her ” database”, which she shamelessly promoted donations for constantly.  One woman, was constantly rude to people, making them feel stupid for not knowing the maker or pattern name, because, in her opinion, its easy, and you should just google it. Then she would PM members looking for an ID, and say they could buy her book and she will ID the piece for free, or it would be $8 and you can pay pal her the money and then she will tell you.  Not the spirit of the group I had joined . Well, I am not a wallflower, and I would constantly call this woman out on her rudeness. The Head Admin told me that since this woman is in her 90’s and wrote a book on early glass and is full of knowledge we are to ignore her rude behavior and ignorance.  Really?  I told her I couldn’t promise that, and I didn’t.  I was removed…on my birthday.  Thanks.

I actually shed real tears about it, ashamed that I was, because this was an online Facebook group, not my family, not my best friend, just a bunch of strangers.  But was it?   That is when the messages started coming.  People that I had befriended from that group, outraged at what happened. They did not know I had started my own secret group, with only two members, me and someone I came very close to from the original group, Karen Aistars. I made it because I knew, that eventually I would be removed for standing up to the bully. After I realized that others too, were disgusted by what was going on in that group,  I decided to make my group public, so others could join.

At first, Karen and I added our friends and family .  Once the word was out, we had and still have 100 potential members knocking at the door at all times. This is the backstory about how my little glass group, Vintage Glass Identification, affectionately known as VGI, came to be. Just a place where we can ID your vintage glass your Grandma left you, your latest thrift find, without judgement.  Not all people that collect vintage glass are douche bags.

2 thoughts on “What the hell have I gotten myself into…..

  1. Kirstin

    Thank you for sharing the backstory to the birth of VGI ~~~ I am so very grateful to you, Karen, and all of the other admins and members in this group that make it “THE” glass group to be a member of. The knowledge within the group is incredible and I, for one, have made some wonderful friendships and shared a few late night laughs…THANK YOU!!!

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