You are either loved or hated. There is no middle ground…..

Really?  Hated? For starting a Facebook group about vintage glass?  Yup. I have been stalked online, threatened, harassed, bullied and talked shit about.  Why you ask?  For what is reality in the real world, obviously does not pertain to some in online groups. The Rules. My group has very few.  I am and have been members of groups , that have so many rules you need to open a doc to read them.  In VGI, there are certain criteria that we need in order to help ID the glass posted. These “rules” are needed in order to HELP you, not to piss people off.  The base diameter of a vase, a photo of the bottom to show how it’s finished off is crucial in identifying a piece along with measurements.  Yet, when we ask for these things, some people get …..pissed.  I found out right away how some people feel self entitled, and expect you, for free mind you, to bend over backwards for them. We had one poster, post a box full of Kings Crown patterned glass wrapped up in newspaper with one goblet poking out of the box, in her car trunk.  I told her we would at least need to see one glass unwrapped, with measurements etc.  It will be the difference of 80 years since these were reproduced in the 1960’s.  She responded back that she didn’t have time for that.  Well, I said we didn’t have time to help her then. Jeesh ! She left all pissed, went to another group that was known for having a wolf pack mentality, and stirred up drama, saying how rude and ignorant I was because I wouldn’t ID her shit.  Then the request to join queue in VGI filled up with these woman, all posting publicly they were joining just to start trouble.  Little did the original poster realize I was a member of that group too, and had helped quite a few of them out on ID’s of their stuff.  Once I explained my side of it, the drama stopped, but of course, not until the OP laughed and got one last shot in. I know..your asking, what about the one that threatened you???   I will blog about that one next time……….

not the original photo, oh how i wish i knew how to screen shot back then, but you get the idea.. and here is a quote from the saved text… “there is more than one maker of kings crown so to get a correct id, you have to take a better photo than a bunch of it sitting in a box” her response , “I don’t have time for that. You’re rules are unnecessary and your constant enforcement of them is bitchy and you know it” ugh….



4 thoughts on “You are either loved or hated. There is no middle ground…..

  1. Kirstin

    Mean people suck…There’s not much more than that to say…THANK YOU for the wonderful, most amazing, helpful, fantabulous (you get the idea) Glass Group out there ~ I am lucky to be a part of it 🙂

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