invading my real world……

We had a woman leave our group quietly and immediately, after being told her glass swan was made in China. I know….it is a tough pill to swallow, when you think you have a priceless Lalique piece, only to find What these people do not get is that we WANT it to be Lalique, Tiffany or Fenton. That is what we live for ! We do not relish in telling you that your piece is not what you think it is.  Other members knew why she left, it has happened before, and posted meme’s about her being butt hurt.  Childish?  Maybe, but sometimes its good to add humor to stressful and unpleasant situations.  When someone “flounces” a group, it is always with fanfare, with the flouncer spewing insults before they go.  It upsets the regular members that appreciate and enjoy the spirit of the group and what we are trying to accomplish, so I invented the ” Flounce Contest”.  When someone leaves the group in that manner, we give away a piece of vintage glass.  It turns a negative into a positive and gives the remaining members a nod, thanking them for their contribution.  We also have ” das boot” contests which I will cover in a future blog.

About 6 months ago I added a man who I will call “Chris”. The group identified quite a few of his pieces and he was appreciative. Then, a few weeks later I got a PM from him saying that although he appreciated my help he was leaving the group, because he had found a post from his soon to be ex wife who I will call “Carol”,  and that we were rude to her, and he told her about it. Gathering my admins, we found the post…it was that damn swan.  He left the group and I did feel bad about it, so I PM’ed “Carol” to smooth things over. Stupid move on my part.   NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED my mother used to say, and she was right.  Instead of her just accepting my apology, or telling me to go pound sand, she began a barrage of insults to my character, so I blocked her .  Then “chris”  started bombarding me with PM’s and he too, was blocked.  ” Carol ” then pmed my co-admin telling her to give me a message, with more insults and ignorance.  Then the emails started.  Seems SHE was a winner of one of our flounce contests, and had my email and address from the Pay Pal invoice I sent her for the shipping of the prize. That is when the veiled threats started. someone has too much time on their hands, is transferring anger about another issue to me, either way, it freaked me out.


You must be reminded that it was YOU that contact me. I don’t give two shits about who contacted you and blah blah blah. You shouldn’t block someone who has your phone number, address and email. You aren’t very smart are you? Are you really that miserable of a person?
I will have someone mail you the glasses I won from Vintage Glass Identification, I really don’t want them. Better yet, I can donate them to someone who makes those hideous glass concoctions and have it sent to you. I will be sure they use industrial grade silicon and glue it to some really hideous floral vases and some other real shitty glass. I will even throw in a Fenton toothpick holder hat to go on top. Expect that package soon, then you can play identify this piece of screwed up shit. Hell I have some Dugan to throw in also.
At this point all you’ve taught me is that knowledge of glass wields no power from you, just bitchiness. Anyone can look up something in a book or online. And maybe, just maybe that is why I left your group. I don’t need to beg for your help only to be told some bullshit or mocked by some people I do not know and could careless about.
You just got caught being a nasty bitch by Chris and it really bugs you that he called you out on it.
He was right, you need to practice kindness. We may not agree about a lot of things but we agree you could learn some manners. Carol

ouch.  Right? Seriously?  over a butt hurt meme?


there were more emails.  I blocked her from contacting me that way also.  Then the hang up phone calls to my house phone started.  A call to the police stopped that. I also knew her address because I had mailed her the prize she won.   Stupid goes both ways “Carol” .

The kicker is….”Chris” the soon to be ex husband, and ” Carol” the soon to be ex wife…..was one in the same person. Her husband had no clue she was using his account to harass me, and she bragged about doing it in another group.  How do I know this?   Because people sent me screen shots of it, and someone found out where her husband worked and called him.  Seems like they are going through a nasty divorce, and ” Carol” had to sell off  all her collectibles and split the profit with the husband.  She rejoined the group, under her husbands name, and came across that damn swan post, saw the meme’s and got butt hurt all over again.  Moral of the story, if someone leaves your group, do not PM them and try to get them to come back, no matter how bad you feel about it……


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