How much is it worth ?

Probably the second most asked question, and the second reason some people get upset and leave.  That is one of many reasons why we do not give values in Vintage Glass Identification.  Value is subjective.  Value is what someone is willing to come our of pocket for.  The best way to find out “current market value”  would be to check ENDED online auctions.  Once the piece has been identified, a quick search on the net should give you what you seek. Notice I typed ENDED in all caps, because that is the actual price someone PAID for it.  Not what sellers are asking. There are going to be some pieces that are scarce and you may not be able to find it with a search on the Net. Book value is a starting point, but since most of the books on vintage glass are extremely old, its pointless IMO.  Second, so much depends on condition and availability.  Parents and Grandparents are passing on, leaving cabinets full of vintage goodies for their family members to disperse.  Take what you want, have an estate sale, and the rest…off to Goodwill or Salvation Army, where they do just what you shouldn’t do; check what other sellers are asking for it and not what it SOLD for.




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