The ” Flounce “

1. Verb ~go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.
“he stood up in a fury and flounced out”
2. Noun ~ an exaggerated action, typically intended to express one’s annoyance or impatience.
Usually the flouncer will post a negative remark about the group, its members, and of course, the Admins, and then will leave the group, their name going to grey.  Others, will post the rant, then sit there and watch all the members comment on them leaving.  Why? I think its either they are enjoying pissing everyone off, or waiting for members to beg them to stay in the group, saying we have seen the error of our ways, and will do their bidding. Either way you slice it, its a ploy for attention, or their retaliation for a perceived wrong-doing toward them.  It usually happens quick, and before we know it…..all hell has broken loose.
The first time this happened in Vintage Glass Identification I was very shocked by it. I couldn’t believe someone could get that angry over being told that their piece was not glass, that it was china, and that the backstamp on her plate gave her all the info she needed.  This is the only screen shot, sent to me about it.  wish we had the whole thing, because there was more.  first two comments are members in the group, third and fourth are the person posting the china plate. Looks harmless, but the person who posted the china plate went to another group, and started bad mouthing my group and members, saying we were mean to her, that we are stuck up assholes, and got some members of THAT group riled up.  ugh.
I believe there is some sort of self entitlement going on in the world, and it is predominate on Facebook. I can not count the number of people who have flounced the group, because we will not tell them how much their piece is worth, ID their chinaware and porcelain pieces, ask for clearer photos, etc. OK, so you didn’t get the info you asked for, but to make a virtual scene and take the time to write a long post about how rude we are for not helping you, is just over the top. I used to lose sleep over it, shed tears over it, but now….not so much.  My mantra is that I can’t please everyone, and to not take to heart what these people think of me, my admins, or my group. I decided to turn a negative into a positive and give away a piece of vintage glass from my collection, and the “Flounce Contest”  was born.  Members have even sent me donations to the ” prize box” for that reason.
Then, there are the times that we have to remove someone who just creates so many conflicts, pitches a fit about how we run the group, and will just not leave..hence, the ” das boot” contest.  When we have to kick someone out of the group, we give away a vintage glass shoe or boot. It has not happened that often, but it does happen.  We have over 9000 members, not all are active but hundreds are, and what we are doing in the group means something to us. So if someone is going to disrupt that with their own agenda, they better be prepared for us to make a mockery of it.
come see for yourself !  join us !  PM me and let me know you found us from my blog.

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