What the hell have I gotten myself into…..

Little did I know, that being kicked out of a Facebook group would affect me the way it did. I  joined a vintage glass group for fun and to learn about the glass my Mother left me and to find like minded people who shared in my interest.  I was devastated that this little group, that started as a Yahoo group, but moved to Facebook after the Mod there frowned on fraternization of members, removed me. As it was in the Yahoo group, the Head Admin constantly admonished us for posting emoticons when someone posted something pretty, wishing someone a Happy Birthday, or anything that would show we were humans behind our computer screens.  That is, unless you were knowledgeable about vintage glass, or donated to her ” database”, which she shamelessly promoted donations for constantly.  One woman, was constantly rude to people, making them feel stupid for not knowing the maker or pattern name, because, in her opinion, its easy, and you should just google it. Then she would PM members looking for an ID, and say they could buy her book and she will ID the piece for free, or it would be $8 and you can pay pal her the money and then she will tell you.  Not the spirit of the group I had joined . Well, I am not a wallflower, and I would constantly call this woman out on her rudeness. The Head Admin told me that since this woman is in her 90’s and wrote a book on early glass and is full of knowledge we are to ignore her rude behavior and ignorance.  Really?  I told her I couldn’t promise that, and I didn’t.  I was removed…on my birthday.  Thanks.

I actually shed real tears about it, ashamed that I was, because this was an online Facebook group, not my family, not my best friend, just a bunch of strangers.  But was it?   That is when the messages started coming.  People that I had befriended from that group, outraged at what happened. They did not know I had started my own secret group, with only two members, me and someone I came very close to from the original group, Karen Aistars. I made it because I knew, that eventually I would be removed for standing up to the bully. After I realized that others too, were disgusted by what was going on in that group,  I decided to make my group public, so others could join.

At first, Karen and I added our friends and family .  Once the word was out, we had and still have 100 potential members knocking at the door at all times. This is the backstory about how my little glass group, Vintage Glass Identification, affectionately known as VGI, came to be. Just a place where we can ID your vintage glass your Grandma left you, your latest thrift find, without judgement.  Not all people that collect vintage glass are douche bags.

Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) Real or Reproduction Tutorial

RARE !!!!! HARD TO FIND !!! SCARCE !!! How do you know if it really IS rare? How do you know if the piece you found is real or reproduction? Sometimes it IS easy to tell if you know what to look for. For example, you find this really cute pitcher that looks like a log cabin. You google, and you think you have hit the mother load with a rare Central Glass Company’s Pattern #748, circa 1883 log cabin water pitcher. Maybe you did. The tell tale sign is, does the door have a handle? If it does, you did in fact find a RARE PIECE. The pattern was originally made in clear, amber, blue and canary (vaseline) and all pieces in color are extremely rare. No handle, no go !


Central Glass Company's Pattern #748, circa 1883 log cabin water pitcherCentral Glass Company's Pattern #748, circa 1883 log cabin spooner in vaseline


Central Glass Company's Pattern #748 reproduction water pitcher

reproduction Central Glass Company's Pattern #748

Big Top Peanut Butter Giveaway Glass by Hazel Altas….what is the pattern called?

hazel atlas gothic peanut butter

In Gene Florence’s book, Hazel Atlas Glass Identification Guide, there is a section dedicated to the Big Top Peanut Butter glasses.  There is a box labeled Gothic, Platinum Banded with the glasses inside.   It has long been speculated that the info was incorrect, because the glasses do not fit into the box correctly, and the box states Platinum Banded, and the peanut butter glasses do not have that band.



The photo of the postcard and magazine ad below shows that these glasses are called “Early American”. Now whether Big Top Peanut Butter called them that, or HA told them that is the pattern name, we do not know. Florence’s book was published in 2009, and since then, more and more info is uncovered, and why you will find the same book with edition # 17 etc….

The photo below is the real ” Gothic” Platinum Banded glasses, in original box.  They come in tumblers, on the rocks, and other sizes.

The ” Flounce “

1. Verb ~go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.
“he stood up in a fury and flounced out”
2. Noun ~ an exaggerated action, typically intended to express one’s annoyance or impatience.
Usually the flouncer will post a negative remark about the group, its members, and of course, the Admins, and then will leave the group, their name going to grey.  Others, will post the rant, then sit there and watch all the members comment on them leaving.  Why? I think its either they are enjoying pissing everyone off, or waiting for members to beg them to stay in the group, saying we have seen the error of our ways, and will do their bidding. Either way you slice it, its a ploy for attention, or their retaliation for a perceived wrong-doing toward them.  It usually happens quick, and before we know it…..all hell has broken loose.
The first time this happened in Vintage Glass Identification I was very shocked by it. I couldn’t believe someone could get that angry over being told that their piece was not glass, that it was china, and that the backstamp on her plate gave her all the info she needed.  This is the only screen shot, sent to me about it.  wish we had the whole thing, because there was more.  first two comments are members in the group, third and fourth are the person posting the china plate. Looks harmless, but the person who posted the china plate went to another group, and started bad mouthing my group and members, saying we were mean to her, that we are stuck up assholes, and got some members of THAT group riled up.  ugh.
I believe there is some sort of self entitlement going on in the world, and it is predominate on Facebook. I can not count the number of people who have flounced the group, because we will not tell them how much their piece is worth, ID their chinaware and porcelain pieces, ask for clearer photos, etc. OK, so you didn’t get the info you asked for, but to make a virtual scene and take the time to write a long post about how rude we are for not helping you, is just over the top. I used to lose sleep over it, shed tears over it, but now….not so much.  My mantra is that I can’t please everyone, and to not take to heart what these people think of me, my admins, or my group. I decided to turn a negative into a positive and give away a piece of vintage glass from my collection, and the “Flounce Contest”  was born.  Members have even sent me donations to the ” prize box” for that reason.
Then, there are the times that we have to remove someone who just creates so many conflicts, pitches a fit about how we run the group, and will just not leave..hence, the ” das boot” contest.  When we have to kick someone out of the group, we give away a vintage glass shoe or boot. It has not happened that often, but it does happen.  We have over 9000 members, not all are active but hundreds are, and what we are doing in the group means something to us. So if someone is going to disrupt that with their own agenda, they better be prepared for us to make a mockery of it.
come see for yourself !  join us !  PM me and let me know you found us from my blog.

How much is it worth ?

Probably the second most asked question, and the second reason some people get upset and leave.  That is one of many reasons why we do not give values in Vintage Glass Identification.  Value is subjective.  Value is what someone is willing to come our of pocket for.  The best way to find out “current market value”  would be to check ENDED online auctions.  Once the piece has been identified, a quick search on the net should give you what you seek. Notice I typed ENDED in all caps, because that is the actual price someone PAID for it.  Not what sellers are asking. There are going to be some pieces that are scarce and you may not be able to find it with a search on the Net. Book value is a starting point, but since most of the books on vintage glass are extremely old, its pointless IMO.  Second, so much depends on condition and availability.  Parents and Grandparents are passing on, leaving cabinets full of vintage goodies for their family members to disperse.  Take what you want, have an estate sale, and the rest…off to Goodwill or Salvation Army, where they do just what you shouldn’t do; check what other sellers are asking for it and not what it SOLD for.




invading my real world……

We had a woman leave our group quietly and immediately, after being told her glass swan was made in China. I know….it is a tough pill to swallow, when you think you have a priceless Lalique piece, only to find out..no. What these people do not get is that we WANT it to be Lalique, Tiffany or Fenton. That is what we live for ! We do not relish in telling you that your piece is not what you think it is.  Other members knew why she left, it has happened before, and posted meme’s about her being butt hurt.  Childish?  Maybe, but sometimes its good to add humor to stressful and unpleasant situations.  When someone “flounces” a group, it is always with fanfare, with the flouncer spewing insults before they go.  It upsets the regular members that appreciate and enjoy the spirit of the group and what we are trying to accomplish, so I invented the ” Flounce Contest”.  When someone leaves the group in that manner, we give away a piece of vintage glass.  It turns a negative into a positive and gives the remaining members a nod, thanking them for their contribution.  We also have ” das boot” contests which I will cover in a future blog.

About 6 months ago I added a man who I will call “Chris”. The group identified quite a few of his pieces and he was appreciative. Then, a few weeks later I got a PM from him saying that although he appreciated my help he was leaving the group, because he had found a post from his soon to be ex wife who I will call “Carol”,  and that we were rude to her, and he told her about it. Gathering my admins, we found the post…it was that damn swan.  He left the group and I did feel bad about it, so I PM’ed “Carol” to smooth things over. Stupid move on my part.   NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED my mother used to say, and she was right.  Instead of her just accepting my apology, or telling me to go pound sand, she began a barrage of insults to my character, so I blocked her .  Then “chris”  started bombarding me with PM’s and he too, was blocked.  ” Carol ” then pmed my co-admin telling her to give me a message, with more insults and ignorance.  Then the emails started.  Seems SHE was a winner of one of our flounce contests, and had my email and address from the Pay Pal invoice I sent her for the shipping of the prize. That is when the veiled threats started. someone has too much time on their hands, is transferring anger about another issue to me, either way, it freaked me out.


You must be reminded that it was YOU that contact me. I don’t give two shits about who contacted you and blah blah blah. You shouldn’t block someone who has your phone number, address and email. You aren’t very smart are you? Are you really that miserable of a person?
I will have someone mail you the glasses I won from Vintage Glass Identification, I really don’t want them. Better yet, I can donate them to someone who makes those hideous glass concoctions and have it sent to you. I will be sure they use industrial grade silicon and glue it to some really hideous floral vases and some other real shitty glass. I will even throw in a Fenton toothpick holder hat to go on top. Expect that package soon, then you can play identify this piece of screwed up shit. Hell I have some Dugan to throw in also.
At this point all you’ve taught me is that knowledge of glass wields no power from you, just bitchiness. Anyone can look up something in a book or online. And maybe, just maybe that is why I left your group. I don’t need to beg for your help only to be told some bullshit or mocked by some people I do not know and could careless about.
You just got caught being a nasty bitch by Chris and it really bugs you that he called you out on it.
He was right, you need to practice kindness. We may not agree about a lot of things but we agree you could learn some manners. Carol

ouch.  Right? Seriously?  over a butt hurt meme?


there were more emails.  I blocked her from contacting me that way also.  Then the hang up phone calls to my house phone started.  A call to the police stopped that. I also knew her address because I had mailed her the prize she won.   Stupid goes both ways “Carol” .

The kicker is….”Chris” the soon to be ex husband, and ” Carol” the soon to be ex wife…..was one in the same person. Her husband had no clue she was using his account to harass me, and she bragged about doing it in another group.  How do I know this?   Because people sent me screen shots of it, and someone found out where her husband worked and called him.  Seems like they are going through a nasty divorce, and ” Carol” had to sell off  all her collectibles and split the profit with the husband.  She rejoined the group, under her husbands name, and came across that damn swan post, saw the meme’s and got butt hurt all over again.  Moral of the story, if someone leaves your group, do not PM them and try to get them to come back, no matter how bad you feel about it……


You are either loved or hated. There is no middle ground…..

Really?  Hated? For starting a Facebook group about vintage glass?  Yup. I have been stalked online, threatened, harassed, bullied and talked shit about.  Why you ask?  For what is reality in the real world, obviously does not pertain to some in online groups. The Rules. My group has very few.  I am and have been members of groups , that have so many rules you need to open a doc to read them.  In VGI, there are certain criteria that we need in order to help ID the glass posted. These “rules” are needed in order to HELP you, not to piss people off.  The base diameter of a vase, a photo of the bottom to show how it’s finished off is crucial in identifying a piece along with measurements.  Yet, when we ask for these things, some people get …..pissed.  I found out right away how some people feel self entitled, and expect you, for free mind you, to bend over backwards for them. We had one poster, post a box full of Kings Crown patterned glass wrapped up in newspaper with one goblet poking out of the box, in her car trunk.  I told her we would at least need to see one glass unwrapped, with measurements etc.  It will be the difference of 80 years since these were reproduced in the 1960’s.  She responded back that she didn’t have time for that.  Well, I said we didn’t have time to help her then. Jeesh ! She left all pissed, went to another group that was known for having a wolf pack mentality, and stirred up drama, saying how rude and ignorant I was because I wouldn’t ID her shit.  Then the request to join queue in VGI filled up with these woman, all posting publicly they were joining just to start trouble.  Little did the original poster realize I was a member of that group too, and had helped quite a few of them out on ID’s of their stuff.  Once I explained my side of it, the drama stopped, but of course, not until the OP laughed and got one last shot in. I know..your asking, what about the one that threatened you???   I will blog about that one next time……….

not the original photo, oh how i wish i knew how to screen shot back then, but you get the idea.. and here is a quote from the saved text…..me “there is more than one maker of kings crown so to get a correct id, you have to take a better photo than a bunch of it sitting in a box” her response , “I don’t have time for that. You’re rules are unnecessary and your constant enforcement of them is bitchy and you know it” ugh….



No….it is NOT Fenton…..

Probably the number one question we get in Vintage Glass Identification is ” is this Fenton Glass ? ”  Undeniably the most well known vintage glass, and also the most misidentified. The Fenton Art Glass Company was one of the largest manufacturers of handmade colored glass in the United States. It was founded in 1905 by Frank  Fenton and his brother John Fenton, in an old glass factory building in Martins Ferry, Ohio. At first they bought blanks from other companies to decorate, then started making their own glass in Williamstown, West Virginia in 1907.  Traditional glassmaking ended in 2011. Today the company continues on by creating handcrafted art glass jewelry using many of the traditional Fenton colors and techniques, such as Milk Glass, Vasa Murrhina and Carnival Glass beads.

We get the craziest pieces posted for ID that the owner thinks is Fenton.  So much so, that my fellow Admins and I have made meme’s about it. Sometimes people do not want to hear that is it not Fenton, and can get pretty pissed.  DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER ! Others take it as a personal insult and “flounce” after telling us how mean we are. We try to make it fun, explaining that Fenton isn’t the only Glass House to make beautiful and valuable glass. Our mission is to educate people, so that when they are out thrifting or antiquing, they KNOW what to spend their hard earned money on.  So many listings we find on online auctions are misidentified.  The vase below is a Chinese reproduction, made to look like a vintage piece of glass.  Teleflora is making “designed by Fenton” pieces for the florist trade, which have labels on the bottom.  20 yrs from now, that label will be long gone, and I am positive it will be posted to some group asking if it is Fenton.



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